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You’re getting married!!!

You’re getting married!!!

This is THE time when you want to look the most beautiful but it is also the time when you can end up looking “totally different” (not at all like yourself). Let me give you a few tips on what to do for the “big day”.
First and foremost, do your research, find a few good makeup artists around. Don’t simply get up and go to your neighbourhood parlour. They will not charge a great deal (some are willing to do it for as little as Rs 2,000/-) but imagine what they will turn you into…
Tip 1: Ask friends and family where they got their makeup for their special occasion. Word of mouth is the best way to come to know how these makeup artists work.
Tip 2: Go and visit the makeup artist to talk about what you are looking for if possible take pictures of makeup, hair also your outfit so the makeup artist knows what you want.
Do look up their work so you know their style. Talk about your problem areas and ask the makeup artist to take it into consideration. Most artists like to cake on a thick foundation and then set it with a ton of powder; this is basically what makes you look artificial. If you have decent skin you don’t need tons of makeup. A primer makes the skin smooth and the key is to put foundation before the concealer so you don’t end up using too much of it.
Tip 3: Overdoing the powder is also a common problem. Too much powder will make you look older and well powdery. Keep blotting sheets or blotting powder in your purse and touch up as and when required.
You can also ask them about what your skincare and hair care routine should be leading up to your wedding. Get your facial done at least a week before the d day otherwise you may end up with ugly zits or redness on the face make sure you strictly follow your cleansing toning and moisturizing routine and use a night cream to keep the skin hydrated and don’t forget sunscreen.
Tip 4: Do your deep conditioning treatment also about a week in advance as overly conditioned hair can appear flat and sticky.
Waxing also needs to be done about 3-4 days before the wedding as often ladies get their backs or stomach even the face waxed (often for the first time). Now the problem with that is these areas are much more sensitive than your arms and legs which are waxed on a regular basis. Bleaching these areas is a much better idea. But in case you have to wax make sure you go to a hygienic place , do it a few times (over several months) so that the skin gets a little used to it and remember the first few times you may get a few pimples, some redness. You will need to cool the area maybe put some ice, calamine lotion or aloe vera.
Now some of the artists do come to your house and others ask you to go to them. Both have their pros and cons
If you have to go to your studio
Firstly the travel , wedding season is a time for traffic jams too make sure you keep a buffer time so you don’t get late for your own wedding
Secondly a lot of people say that because you may not be the only bride there, you may not get a very personalized service. I have heard people say that in such places they feel like they are in a factory assembly line and all brides look like cyclostyled copies (especially on a heavy saya day where anywhere between 50 to 100 brides getting ready)
The good part is that once you reach the studio, you are taken care of and won’t have to worry about relatives and chaos of everybody around you
If you have the artist come to you – you get a very personalized service at the comfort of your own place.
The downside can be that you are smack in the middle of the whole chaotic atmosphere which can be a little stressful. You can get away from that by getting ready at a friend’s/ neighbour’s place where you will not have as many interruptions.
Lastly Do Not Stress, stress causes the skin to dehydrate (making the makeup sit patchily on the skin) and make you fall ill. Most brides that I have worked with have had fever or at least a bad cold. Eat well and drink lots of water – good diet equals great skin and hair.
So go ahead and enjoy your special day because it is YOUR day!!!

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