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Hi! This is a post about how to get your eyebrow right according to your face structure. We entrust one of our most important features in the hands of the parlour ladies. If your eyebrows are not well done, they steal focus from the rest of your face.
The biggest mistake most ladies tend to make is having too small a gap between the eyebrows, this makes the eyes look closer together. This look however, works only for those with wide set eyes.
Ideally the eyebrow is supposed to start in a straight line from the wing of the nose to the inner corner of the eye. If that is a little too dramatic for you, then start from the middle of each nostril straight up. It ends again in a line from the corner of the nose to the outer corner of the eye. The brow starts and ends at the same level. The highest point of the brow is again from the nose the edge of the pupil (while you are looking straight into the mirror).
The shape of your brow also depends on your face shape
Round: An angular brow balances out the roundness of yourface.
Square: A rounded and relatively thicker brow will reduce the focus on the angles of the face.
Long: A flat or straight brow will round the face.
Diamond: A slightly angled brow reduces the focus from the cheek bones.
Heart: An arched or rounded brow, both look good for this face structure.
Oval: Again a slightly angled brow suits this face shape.
Pear: For this face structure, more of a rounded brow looks good.
You can use a concealer to cover the extra strands of hair and fill in the brow to see what it will look like before tweezing orthreading.
Another important step is to make sure you get your browtrimmed to do this you need to take a mascara brush (also called a spoolie). Brush the brows straight up, now you canvery carefully cut the hair that is beyond the actual brow shape. You can get threading done on top of the eyebrow too but I just feel that the area then looks like a lighter patch also if you do have hair on the forehead like I do then that is a big no no!!
Some tips while doing eye make-up
It is extremely important to fill in your brow when you do makeup because they complete your look. It is also very easy to go overboard while filling them in, so be a bit careful.When using an eyebrow pencil, the key is to use very soft feathery light strokes, otherwise they look painted on. The other option is to either use eyebrow powder or a matte eyeshadow with a stiff angular brush. Whatever medium you use the colour would be a very dark matte brown (never black), older ladies can use a slightly softer brown to avoid a harsh look. I actually like using a dark brown cake eyeliner(dry) {VOV CAKELINER} it is not as soft as an eyeshadow so chances of putting too much product on the brows reduces.
Eyebrows frame the eyes, the correct brows actually open up the eyes making them look bigger and also slimming down the face. Trust your brows only to an extremely experienced professional because remember the eyebrow hair take about 2 – 3 months to grow.

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