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Silicone makeup

Silicone makeup

Lately I have been getting a lot of calls from people enquiring whether i do silicone makeup.

Well there isn’t really anything like silicone makeup it is just that certain products contain silicone. A prime example is the Maybelline dream range. Now silicone is present in most of the liquid / mousse products so basically foundations, primers moisturisers maybe even cream blushes tend to have silicone in them
Silicone has occlusive properties that means it kinda creates a barrier on the skin. In moisturisers it does not let the moisture evaporate from the skin i.e. prevents it from dehydrating and also doesn’t let makeup or sunscreen get absorbed into the skin. In makeup it is mostly found in primers as it fills in the pores and fine lines letting the makeup sit smoothly and for a much longer time. So it is present in most long wear products and also has mattifying properties therefore present in mattifying products( for oily skin) .

The downside is that it may cause allergies especially on sensitive / oily skin. But this is mostly because silicon tends to stay on the skin if not cleaned off properly leading to a build up on the skin which in turn causes pimples and allergies
How to know if the product you are using has silicon? When you look in the ingredients any ingredient ending with a “cone” will be silicon based( eg. Dimethicone)

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