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Help your mua help you give the best result …

Help your mua help you give the best result …

Your big day is nearing …you have done all your bookings for the caterer, decorator, venue, even your trousseau. The next most important thing is the makeup artist, again you do your research and finalised the best makeup artist who can give you exactly what you want. But unfortunately it doesn’t end at that. A makeup artist’s job is to make you look good on your big days but there are a few things that you need to do to make sure that the canvas we get is a clean and clear one so that you get that amazing glowing look that you have dreamt of. Often one goes in thinking the makeup is going to give you a flawless finish but end up with flaky and cracked skin which is just magnified with the for the rest of your preparations, your skin also needs to go through a whole lot of prep.
So here are some tips from a makeup artist’s point of view to help you be prepared for the series “makeup” days of your wedding.
1. Food: what you eat is what you see. Refined foods will always tend to make you oily and break you out. The redness of a pimple can be hidden with concealer but the bump will still be visible. So try and stick to a healthy diet of fresh fruits and salads. This will not only give you a clean fresh skin but also help you detoxify.

2. Exercise: it is not only good for the body but for the skin too. With exercise blood circulation increases replenishing the skin with nutrients and flushing out the toxins, thus giving you that healthy glow from within.

3. Water: often as a makeup artist I come across skin which is dehydrated. Dehydrated skin can be oily, dry or even combination. Dehydrated skin is one that lacks moisture i.e. water. This often results in the makeup enhancing the fine lines on the face which leads to cracks in the makeup. So drink up for a beautiful skin!

4. CTM: you need to have a cleansing toning and moisturising regimen sorted for the day and the same for the night with a good night cream to keep your skin supple. This will avoid the dry patches that show up as soon as you apply a foundation and powder

5. Eyes: it is a good idea to use a good eye cream at night; this will fill in the fine lines and darkness which appear due to all the stress of getting everything done. You can also use grated cucumber or potato as eye packs 2-3 times a week. Remember the better the under eye area the lesser the concealer there. A lot of concealer will make you look older.

6. Lips: in my opinion, lips are the most neglected part when it comes to brides. Lipsticks do not look good or even stay on chapped lips. So drink plenty of water and lip balm every night before bed.

7. Scrubs: Do you know the secret of the glowing fresh skin? Its scrubbing or exfoliation. Make sure you exfoliate once a week (more often for oily skin and lesser for dry). Instead of the store bought ones which can sometimes harm the skin you can use oats/ almond powder / besan/atta with milk, curd r even rose water to bring out that new skin. Makeup also tends to stay put on this new skin and not slide and fade away.

8. You can go ahead with all your pre-bridal treatments as you get near your dates but remember to stop all (maybe except waxing and mani- pedi)about 10 days before your functions begin .Also do not try anything new a month before your functions. If you have to do it at least 6 months before. The reason is, if you have an allergic reaction or even breakout, it will have time to settle before the makeup. The clearer the skin the lesser the makeup it needs.

9. Trial: you need to have an open communication with your makeup artist about your look. See if you can get a trial so you know what to expect try taking your outfit along not for the artist but yourself because it is easier to picture yourself with it rather than your regular clothes. Discuss matching or contrasting colours (whichever you like) and sort out your allergies if you have any.

10. Lastly you need to be prepared for the after, i.e. taking off all that waterproof makeup which can take about as much time it took to put on. Now just washing your face will not do much for you Make sure you have a waterproof makeup remover or coconut oil(this will also work to detangle all the backcombing you will have in your hair) , cleansing milk toner or rose water , night cream , lots of cotton pads and buds and some patience. It is not makeup which spoils your skin, it is not taking it off properly which does.

Now all these pointers (except the last one) are most effective if you start doing them about six months before your wedding, if you don’t have that much time do it nevertheless, it is never too late to start!

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