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Showcase the hottest tends in bridal make up and hair

Showcase the hottest tends in bridal make up and hair

There comes a time in every girl’s life, when she dreams of a fairy tale wedding. You go about planning for this big event, every detail and how you would like to feel special on this day. While you are planning for your big day, here are some tips on what you can do to keep your look modern,sophisticated but still not swaying away from the Bridal Look.
You have picked up a dress, the venue, catering, decorations are all in order – but have you taken time out to decide your look for the evening? Speak to your make-up artist, discuss what you want, what they have to suggest . Choose the colours which you would like and the look you want. Many brides I have seen lately, have come up and requested for very modern look. Gone are the days of heavy base and gaudy make-up, they prefer a more subtle look.
A trend which is very popular nowadays is contoured and a classy kind of make-up approach, some brides with a fairer complexion ask for a contrast as well. This is a modern look with high contrast colours – for example a pink and a purple, or a fuschia with a magenta combination. For the wheatish complexion, the trend suggests the use of gold/ bronzy smoky looks with an underline of a bright coloured lip gloss. Aqua or teal is a color which goes beautifully with the indian skin tones
Another is the twist in the classic smoky eyes with a splash of colour smoked out on the bottom lid. To bring it up a notch, add in a coloured mascara only on the bottom lashes. Kajal only in black though a staple amongst Indian brides is also going through a change. All this while, it was just black or maybe brown, women are finally waking up to the fact that a cream colored kajal will give them bigger, brighter, more accentuated eyes. Coloured kajals are also very hot especially with the colured eye makeup.
False lashes are also a great way to add drama to your look and are gaining popularity amongst the brides.Make sure you choose ones that are not extremely heavy or they will weigh down the eyes. If you are worried about the lashes falling off if you end up crying, temporary eyelash extensions are a great way to go. These give a more natural finish and last for about 2 weeks, perfect for your functions and honeymoon.
Chunky glitter is definitely old news, the trend now is a subtle shimmer or very fine micro glitter. The demand for glowing skin remains but instead of using a shimmery powder (which ends up looking too shiny, especially in photographs), liquid highlighter or even a face gloss gives a more authentic look.
Ombre lips are also very ‘in’, giving the illusion of lovely pouty lips. Bright matte lipsticks are also seen on the international ramp, they can be paired up with subtle and heavily done up eyes or even with a simple cat eye to give your makeup that extra oomph. For the truly adventurous ones dual toned lips are great, and Indian brides are taking notice of these trends as well.
Airbrush makeup is HUGE this season. Airbrushing is a method of applying makeup without sponges, fingers or brushes. Here the makeup is sprayed on with air pressure in a fine mist onto the face . The digital pixel sized particles cover all skin imperfections giving you a natural finish. The result is makeup which is longer lasting ,sweat proof, and doesn’t fade or settle in the fine lines . The silicon based one that I use lasts upto 20 hours, great for oily skin and gives an amazing glow to the skin which looks natural.
Nails dos are in fashion(as seen in the fashion weeks and the red carpet around the world), a number of brides who have come to me in the recent past, wanting elaborate nail art along with their make-up. However, the fashion trends suggest that the brides are looking for more intricate designs and elaborate outwork, rather than the just the crystal layouts, which prevalent earlier.

For hair, the trend is still curls whether it is open hair, updos or even braided hair. Highlights tend to enhance these curls. In terms of colour, as we have seen amongst the fashionistas and celebrities ombre hair is popular. For the not so adventurous ones, hair chalking is a great way to add colour to your hair do and it washes out with the next wash Braids are huge this season , incorporate them into your style with tiny braids in your hairdo, dutch braids, waterfall braids, rope braids and the fishtail braid which is highly in demand. Ballerina buns are also popular with the no fuss ladies. A great way to update any hair style is to choose interesting hair accessory like fabric or sequin flower or even crystal ones.
As in everyday fashion, contrast is in – brides are not typically going for a matching sequence and are looking for experimenting with contrasting colours which explain the subtlety rather than the stark contrast overall.

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