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What is mineral makeup

What is mineral makeup

Ever wondered what this whole hype about mineral makeup is. Even though it is a latest entry in the Indian market, it has been around in the international market for about 10 yrs. It was Bare Escentuals, an American company came out with this concept in 1998.
Well here is the lowdown… is basically made up of finely ground minerals from the earth and does not contain any synthetic ingredients like dyes, preservative, binders and fragrances. It usually comes in the form of powders (mostly loose) which is buffed into the skin with a fluffy large brush. The buffing action liquefies the minerals to some extent which then blends into the skin giving the wearer a perfectly natural AND glowing finish.
The main ingredients in mineral makeup is mica, titanium dioxide and zinc oxide (both of which are main ingredients in sunscreens, also these have soothing effects on the skin therefore great for acne prone and sensitive skin). Another ingredient bismuth oxycholoride (a pearlizing agent) is known to cause rashes and itching in some cases.
Now the real mineral makeup is supposed to have only 4-5 true minerals but now a lot of the makeup companies have started adding preservatives dyes and fillers thus are actually mineral BASED makeup.
Now one school of thought says that thee ingredient have always been used in traditional makeup and that mineral makeup is not very different from traditional ones.
The other says that mineral makeup does not contain ingredients like mineral oil, paraben dyes and fragrance (which usually cause acne, allergies and redness), thus is gentler on the skin
Mineral makeup gives a beautiful finish without the heavily made up look. It gives a little protection against the sun (I would suggest to still use a sun screen) and contains very little or no synthetic ingredients. It also tends to give great coverage i.e. hides marks and pigmentation well.

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