Michelle believes that makeup should be used to enhance your style and personality without going over the top. With personalized attention, she will ensure you look your best on your big day.

So if you’re looking for an ethnic or glamorous or contemporary look, Michelle can help bring out a polished you:

Wedding service includes

  • Bridal service (makeup, hair, nails & draping)
  • Functions like sagan / cocktail party, engagement, wedding, reception
  • Party makeup



Airbrush makeup – Offered by temptu


Airbrushing is a method of applying makeup without sponges, fingers or brushes. Here the makeup is sprayed on with air pressure in a fine mist  onto the face. The digital pixel sized particles cover all skin imperfections giving you a natural finish.The products used are silicon based so the makeup is longer lasting ,sweat proof, and doesn’t fade or settle in the fine lines.

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